Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the lessons?

Please Click Here for our pricing!

Where are the piano lessons held?

I offer both virtual and in person lessons. Virtual lessons will be conducted online using Zoom, while in person lessons are located in my home studio at 227 William Roe Blvd in Newmarket.

Do I need a piano at home?

You definitely need some form of an instrument to practice on at home. Acoustic pianos are always best however, a weighted electric piano is also acceptable. For those very young beginners, a non-weighted keyboard will suffice for the beginning stages but will need to be upgraded as they continue their studies. 

What lesson length do I need?

The length of the lesson will depend on the age of the student as well as their experience level. Younger students and beginners typically start with a 30min lesson, while intermediate and teen students benefit greatly from a 45min lesson. Teens, adults, and more advanced students are typically in need of a one-hour lesson.

How much practice is necessary?

This depends on the level and age of the student and how fast they want to progress. Young students and beginners are typically expected to practice for 12-20 minutes 3-4 times a week. Elementary students should aim to practice for 20-30 minutes 4-5 days a week, while intermediate students should be practicing 30-45min for 5-6 days a week. Advanced students are typically going to practice every day for 45-60min. 

These of course are just general guidelines and will vary for every student. Practice habits will be discussed with each individual student during their lesson.

What type of music can I learn?

I teach any and all genres of music and believe that students should be exposed to as many different styles of music as possible. My students learn pop, jazz, blues, rock, classical - if the student loves the music that’s all that matters to me!

Do your students take exams?

Students studying the RCM curriculum are encouraged to take exams but it is not a requirement. I will speak directly with students and parents that are ready to take exams and we can make the decision together as to whether or not the student participates in examinations. 

What days and times are lessons available?

Please check out our Schedule for availability!

What ages do you teach?

It is possible to begin learning piano at any age! I teach students as young as 3 all the way through adulthood. 

How often are lessons scheduled?

Students take weekly lessons, except for holiday’s.  Check out our Schedule page for availability!

How many lessons must I commit to?

There is absolutely no commitment period. You can start and stop lessons at any time however one week's notice is required to discontinue lessons. Payment for lessons is done one month at a time and is due at the beginning of the month for the upcoming month of lessons. 

How can I help my child progress more quickly?

Supporting your child’s musical development can seem daunting, especially if you’ve never played an instrument before. Children have a natural desire to please, and the best way to help them progress quickly is to simply take an interest! Sitting with your child or checking in during practice is a great tool. Listen, comment, and encourage them.