A Lifelong Passion

Hi, I'm Nicole.

I believe every child comes into this world with musical ability. As a music teacher, it's my passion to foster and inspire this natural capacity. I strive to bring out the innate musicality in each and every student. Music is a necessary part of life and children need the beauty and expression of music just as much as they need to know how to read and multiply. 

I also believe that the relationship between teacher, student and parent is essential to the success of music lessons. We all have a very important role to play, and when we work together the result is a positive and rewarding experience. Students will develop discipline, sensitivity, ability to focus, ability to analyze and solve problems, in addition to the joy of making music. 

I recognize that every student has unique needs and abilities; therefore I adjust my teaching approach to address those needs and maximize their potential. I believe that everyone is capable of learning music and that teaching includes a never-ending journey of discovery to find out what enables each student to be a successful learner.

Take a look around my website and feel free to reach out with any questions or if you’d like to book lessons.

Nicole Ross is a piano teacher located in Newmarket, Ontario. Her musical journey began at age 8 extensively studying piano and theory through the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). She has successfully completed her RCM Grade 8 practical piano and theory exams and has studied Music Theatre at both Sheridan College and Randolph Academy of the Performing Arts.  Nicole has not only studied piano, but alto sax, guitar, and vocal as well. She has been teaching piano to kids, teens and adults for the past 10 years and believes that music is the foundation for lifelong learning. 

Teaching Philosophy

Every child comes into this world with musical ability. As a piano teacher, it's my passion to foster and inspire this natural capacity. I strive to bring out the innate musicality in each and every student. Whether starting out for the first time at age four or sixty-five, or returning after many years away from the piano, I am dedicated to providing piano lessons tailored to the student's needs and goals. Through individual piano lessons, I encourage my students to learn and help them enjoy the process of making music.

I specialize in teaching young beginners but teach students of all ages and levels, regardless of background and ability. I strive to give all my students the opportunity to achieve their highest possible level. I recognize that every student is unique in abilities, likes, and learning modalities. Some like classical music and want to perform in recitals or festivals. Others just want to play for fun and enjoyment for their families and friends. I adjust my teaching to address the different needs, desires and abilities of my students. I also include the input from my students and parents in deciding what music to play and whether to participate in recitals, competitions and exams.


The curriculum for most of my students includes music reading, music games, sight-reading, ear training, technique, theory, performance preparation and improvisation.

I instill a strong technical foundation in my students through age and level appropriate games and exercises that prepare them for everyday playing as well as the demands of repertoire, and performance.

Practice requirements for my students are tailored according to their age, level and natural ability. Parents are invited to initiate, encourage and monitor practice according to the age and maturity of the child.

The Future

Piano lessons can enhance the life of every child as they gain confidence, social skills, and academic expertise along with their new musical abilities.

My objective is not necessarily to produce concert pianists, but people who enjoy playing the piano.

Piano lessons are designed to meet the specific needs of each student. Some students just want to play the piano for fun while others are interested in a more structured approach. Depending on the student's goals the lessons might include theory, ear training, technique, and practice advice in addition to performance preparation.

I look forward to meeting you and starting this musical journey together!


"My son has been taking piano lessons with Nicole for 2 years now and I couldn’t be more pleased. Nicole is patient, knowledgeable, creative and knows how to motivate students when they sometimes need a bit of a push. She is accommodating if I ever need to reschedule a lesson and is happy to go the extra mile. I have been very pleased with Nicole’s teaching abilities and would recommend her highly as a piano teacher." - Dina 

"Nicole has been teaching piano to our daughter for 2 years. When we started with Nicole, our daughter had no previous piano experience. Nicole started her on the Bastien Piano Basics program and then transitioned her to the RCM program. In that time, Nicole has also successfully prepared our daughter for a RCM piano exam. Overall, she creates a balance between teaching the requirements of the program while meeting the needs and interests of our daughter. She is patient, knowledgeable about the content, offers positive reinforcement, and is always willing to answer questions. She has also been very flexible in lesson format; we have done both in-person and online lessons over the time with her. We would highly recommend her as a piano teacher to someone looking to learn or improve their piano skills." - Eric W. & Jennifer G. 

"Nicole is the best piano teacher Grace has ever had! She is upbeat and patient, she knows when to challenge and when to modify work. I really appreciate her flexible approach when it comes to working on smaller sections of pieces rather than having to learn a whole piece in one week. She makes it stress free for the parent and the student. Grace looks forward to being with her each week and has become more independent with her practising. Thank you Nicole for all you do!" - Arwen

"Nicole is extremely passionate about piano and believes that every child has the ability to learn. She has a fun and energetic personality that makes her the perfect music teacher. She has reasonable rates and offers flexible options for virtual piano lessons. I strongly recommend Nicole as she is willing to tailor each child's experience to make it their own. She believes in fosering great relationships with her students." -Alyssa

"I highly recommend Nicole Ross Piano! Nicole truly loves teaching piano and watching her students grow." -Jared 

"Nicole is a truly caring, amazing teacher. I would recommend her no matter the musical ability. She is patient and believes all of her students can learn to play the piano." -Azie

"Nicole is a kind and caring piano teacher who brings the best out of her students. Kids and adults will benefit from Nicole’s expertise with playing the piano, whether it be in person or remotely.

If you’re looking for piano lessons with a personal touch, I highly recommend Nicole!" -Tracey

"Nicole is a godsend to us for our daughter. She instills a love of music within the lesson and confidence boosting strategies. Every lesson she is patient, understanding, clear and will take the extra time needed to ensure everything learned is absorbed. Very well rounded as a music teacher and person as well. Would highly recommend Nicole to anyone in need." -Cat

"I like playing all different styles of piano songs. I especailly like the pop songs because they have nice chords in them. Nicole is very positive and she knows how to give the right amount of work and when it's too much. I like her personality, she is fun and funny. Kids would really like Nicole because she is patient but also pushes you a bit when you don't want to do something. Thank you Nicole, you are an amazing piano teacher!" -Grace